Advanced ID Asia Engineering

Advanced ID Asia Engineering


Our Dedicated Documentation System

Advanced ID Asia documentation system.

Our highly praised AAE documentation system allows us to keep all files related to a product or an article in one place accessible to the whole team. For example Control Plans, Quality Documents, Datasheet, Specification, Drawing, ASO. 

Instead of having to search various data silos then analyze the information separately, teams can work on the same document at the same time, reducing bottlenecks in productivity.

It prevents any sort of revision mix up and had an automatic back up for all files stored.

Along with protecting the environment, we are creating conditions for sustainable production and a highly effective Quality Management system.

SPC: Statistical process control OEM

We have a fully implemented SPC system at critical processes and customer-defined CC and MC points.

The Process is trending through average, range, standard deviation, moving average, and moving range charts.

Statistical Process Control is a very powerful tool if used correctly and implemented effectively. It enables real-time monitoring of quality trends and the Advanced ID Asia Team is able to act on deviations early and reduce process variations or defects and prevent or counteract before defective units happen.

Six Sigma conform - Lean Manufacturing

At Advanced ID Asia, we're committed to continuous efforts to achieve stable and predictable process results. Currently, we deliver around 2.5 million parts per year and we are proud to report that over the last 3 years we had on average 1 to 3 quality claims annual. Which accounts to a Sigma level 6 or equivalent to a 99.99966% yield.   
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